North East Summer Camps - Stimulation to Body & Mind

There are many north east summer camps available in the United States that serves as stimulation to the body and the mind. These camps give you a memorable experience that you can relish upon at a later stage. Summer camps are a place where you can meet many new friends and expand your interests. There are separate camps for the boy and girls, and adults.

The purpose of these separate camps for each category helps in socializing with the audience of more or less the same age group. This helps you in getting an enjoyable and recreational experience. Some of the north east summer camps available are Camp Timberlake for boys, Berkshire Hills Emanuel Camps, Merri-Mac for girls, Camp Shohola, Kingsley Pines Camp, Camp Awosting, Camp Camp Modin, Camp Poyntelle, Camp Chinqueka, Camp Vega, and YMCA Camp Conrad Weiser.

The camp Timberlake for boys is located in the Black Mountain, North Carolina. This is a traditional Christian camp for boys. These camps can develop the character of the campers’ so that they can have a stronger physique and mental capability. Archery, art, backpacking, riflery, riding, gymnastics, diving, fencing, drama, canoeing, fencing, swimming, team sports, and tennis are some of the activities that go on in this camp. Merri-Mac for girls is also a camp that is found in the same location.

The activities for the girls are also the same as given above. Berkshir Hills Emanuel Camp is located in the Berkshire Mountains of New York. The activities of this camp are physically rigorous and mentally stimulating. Some of the activities that are available in the camp are Dancing, Computer and Internet, Bridge, Arts & Crafts, Inter-generational workshops, swimming, aerobics, Yoga, Tai Chi, Boating, Fishing, Shuffleboard, and tennis. Separate children camp and adult vacation center are available at this location. The Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania has the Camp Shohola for boys. Camp Poyntelle and Lewis Village has two camps for Jewish boys and girls also located in Pennsylvania. You may visit the site for more details on different camps available in the United States.






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