Need for Multiple Monitor Laptop

When we mean multiple monitor laptop, we mean that multiple monitors can be connected to the laptop apart from the built-in monitor you have with the laptop. You can use the multiple monitors to display the same screen as that of the laptop or use the additional monitors to display a different screen. The multiple monitors can also be treated as a single monitor which enables you to split a screen across different monitors so that you have a single large display. To work with a multiple monitor laptop like this you need proper support of the hardware and the software.

There are many hardware devices that support these kinds of configurations. Multiple monitors are very useful for professionals who track different accounts, managers to track different projects on different monitors or track a single project which has a large timeline, and Music directors can track large timelines using the multiple monitors as a single large screen. In exhibitions and trade fairs multiple monitors can be configured to display a single presentation as a whole so that you get a large screen which enables a large audience to view the presentations.

The hardware for multiple monitor laptop refers to the display card which supports multiple displays. The display card should be capable for displaying the output in multiple monitors and allow for resolutions and color depths. You can obtain multiple monitor support in many ways. Some of the ways in which you can get multiple monitor support are using the second VGA output of the laptop, adding a PCMCIA video card, using a docking station with video card, adding an external video card, or using a second laptop or another PC as an additional monitor. Proper display driver software is required for multiple monitor laptop. The display driver of the multiple monitor laptops should recognize the display card that supports multiple monitor. The display driver tells the operating system about the number of monitors connected to the system.






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