Preferable Alternatives to Diamond Rings

Alternatives to diamond rings are available in the market in the form of artificial stones. The most popular artificial stones that are considered as substitute for diamonds are Cubic Zirconia (CZ) and Moissanite. Technically speaking Moissanite is found to be better than Cubic Zirconia. In the Mohs scale the hardness of diamond is 10 and that of Cubic Zirconia is found to be 9. Moissanite is superior to Cubic Zirconia with a harness of 9.25 when compared to Cubic Zirconia.

Alternatives to diamond rings can have Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia stones in the ring. When compared to the cost of the real diamonds these artificial stones are a mere fraction of the cost of the real diamonds. Hence many people go for these artificial diamonds as said so. Moissanite is mineral called Silicone carbide that was discovered by Henri Moissan and hence this stone is named after him. This stone is created artificially in the lab and then polished to give the brilliance and fire of diamond. If you carefully look at Moissanite, you may observe that it is slight green in color and not colorless. Some of the Moissanite stones look slightly gray in color. A person who is buying these stones should look for these colors and buy one that has minimal color so that it looks like a diamond.

A ring that has diamond mounted on a platinum ring is costly one to buy and it definitely has its looks. Alternatives to diamond rings like that can have a combination of Sterling Silver ring with an artificial stone like Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite. Platinum ring with diamond would cost you around ten thousand dollars whereas a sterling silver ring with Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite would cost you only a fraction of that cost. Hence this is definitely considered as alternatives to diamond rings. You need not feel inferior to buy these artificial stones since many people say these as fake diamonds. Why should you say that these are fake diamonds? Why not consider these as alternatives and these are different minerals that look like diamond. Buying these alternatives will save you a lot of money and you have the same looks as diamond rings.






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