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Broadvision Content Management, its important Features and Benefits

The Broadvision Content Management solutions enable organizations to deliver accurate, targeted content in a scalable, cost-effective way. In addition, the Broadvision Content Management solutions enable content experts to create a single source of content that can be reviewed, approved, and automatically leveraged to distribute the same answer in different formats and at different levels of detail to multiple user groups. Therefore, organizations can deploy the Broadvision Content Management solutions to use its content assets as effectively as possible to achieve business objectives.

The success of any organization critically depends on the ability of the organization to leverage content for different audiences and purposes. The idiosyncratic systems that most of the organizations have today require human intervention to a greater extent to make information available, repurpose the information, or to verify the genuineness of the information. Therefore you need a way to check whether the information provided in your website is current, consistent, and appropriately personalized, to ensure that the content of your website is useful for all your audiences.

The Broadvision Content Management solutions provide a state-of-the-art content management application that manages all types of business content effectively through out its lifecycle from the creation and management to deployment and distribution. The intelligent content tagging and management feature of the Broadvision Content Management application enables you to deliver highly personalized content to multiple constituents which include customers, employees, suppliers, and partners. In addition, you can deliver the content in a manner they want via the web, wireless devices or print.

The Broadvision Content Management application enables you to tailor content to the needs and interests of individual users and enables business users to tag and describe content themselves, so that they can prepare the content for presentation from the beginning in a personalized and targeted way. You can personalize your portal using the Broadvision Content Management application, so that the portal can guide the visitors to serve themselves, add context to their interactions, and make proactive suggestions when they visit the website. In addition, the Broadvision Content Management application enables non-technical business users to easily publish content by simplifying the process of importing enterprise content to the repository and deploying content from the repository to external applications.

You can design custom workflows that map to standard business processes using templates of the Broadvision Content Management application that ensure consistent presentation and using a role-based interface of the application that allows the users to see only pertinent information and tasks. The trace-ability and revision history features and security and access control of the Broadvision Content Management application simplifies regulatory compliance. The built-in Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) of the Broadvision Content Management application provides a standards-based infrastructure for collaborative authoring. With seamless integration to other Broadvision Content Management web applications, the need for custom design, integration and coding is greatly reduced. Role-based tools decrease the need for IT involvement in portal management.

Broadvision Content Management solutions provide a common content framework that enables advanced content management, delivery, and presentation for highly sophisticated personalization and transaction functionality. In addition, the Broadvision Content Management solutions lower the total cost of ownership for your website by leveraging tight integration between the products of Broadvision Content Management solutions. As the Broadvision Content Management application integrates easily with existing enterprise business systems and can run on leading application servers, it enables you to take advantage of the existing IT investments while delivering a unified, consistently branded experience for your customers and partners.

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